Our main targets

  • We want to reduce accidents to a lost time injury frequency (LTIF) of < 1.5.
  • We want to develop a comprehensive mental health strategy.
  • We want to achieve a minimum of 25 % female representation in management positions.
  • We want to reduce the voluntary turnover rate to below 5 percentage points of the market average.

Our values


The Nordex Group’ success is based on the commitment, experience, and passion of our employees. As a global company our corporate values of Respect, Integrity, Colleagueship and Ownership are the foundation of our work ethic and our interaction with each other. Alongside our internal rules and guidelines, these values provide orientation for the #TeamNordex worldwide. Our aim is to drive a company culture based on the continuing education, loyalty, satisfaction, health and diversity of our team members.


Safety is a matter of heart

Our employees’ health and safety in the workplace is of greatest importance to us at the Nordex Group. We work continuously and systematically to further develop the safety culture that we all live and breathe, making our work environment even safer in the process. We commit to the seven principles of safety stated in our QHSE Policy. Our QHSE Management department is responsible for the company’s strategic development regarding safety, as well as for ensuring cross-functional and departmental harmonization. Our organizations in each country have established occupational Safety Committees in accordance with locally applicable laws.
We offer programs and training courses and run internal campaigns and projects worldwide in order to highlight the issue of occupational accidents, raise employee awareness and thus help to avoid hazards and promote best practices. With the goal of establishing an ongoing dialog about safety and risks, conducting safety inspections is a mandatory duty for executives. As part of industry-specific initiatives, our involvement extends beyond our own company with the aim of creating a culture of health and safety throughout the wind power industry.

The Nordex Group is certified as a multi-site company, meaning that all Nordex operations are included in the scope of ISO 45001:2018 certification for our occupational health and safety management system.


Diversity & Inclusion

The diversity of our global workforce contributes to the Nordex Group’s success. We work with people of different genders and ages, and we value different cultural backgrounds, attitudes, and lifestyles.
To drive our diversity and inclusion journey, we have established a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Council, a diverse group of leaders, chaired by the CEO and facilitated by our D&I Leads. It is responsible for developing and driving the company’s D&I strategy and provides guidance and supervision on diversity and inclusion efforts. The Nordex Group commits to this mindset in the Diversity & Inclusion Policy and the Human Rights Policy, sets gender equality targets across all levels, and supports the inclusion of a diverse team through various initiatives and measures.



Employee Development Initiatives

Everyone has their own motivators and aspirations. Putting aside day-to-day interaction, feedback and discussions about work, our employees need to have the time and framework to place wishes and aspirations regarding their development and career and mirror them with their line manager.


At the Nordex Group this core process in the area of employee development is the Compass process. It supports our employees with professional and valuable feedback and enables us to expand and consolidate our feedback culture in a standardized and harmonized way across the whole Nordex Group. It is our framework to develop the team, recognize talents and support our employees in navigating their careers.


Every year, a group of high-performance talents with clear potential to hold a future managerial role with strategic impact on their department or the company are identified to take part in the management talent program of the Nordex Group, called ‘Upwind’. The program aims to support these talents in their professional and personal development, creating a global talent network. This enables participants to learn from diverse perspectives and fill key positions by internal appointments.


Our managers lead, inspire and motivate #TeamNordex around the world. Through our Trust.Listen.Lead training program we aim to create an intercultural and aligned leadership culture at the Nordex Group, including basic leadership topics enriched with subjects such as unconscious bias, leadership in diverse, intercultural environments and emotional intelligence.


Corporate Social Engagement

The Nordex Group has become a global player and one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers with a presence in over 40 countries. Besides our economic objectives, we are committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development principles of using global resources responsibly, protecting the climate, and ensuring that people can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives. As part of this commitment, we are connected to the communities in which we and our customers operate, and we engage in local projects to meet their specific needs. Our social engagement activities focus on supporting public and private institutions for training and professional development that are active in the areas of renewable energy and climate protection as well as on social and humanitarian aid projects and organizations.


Educational projects
in Türkiye

At the Nordex Group, we want to inspire young people with wind energy technology. Therefore, since its publication in 2021, we have been distributing a book on wind energy technology to university and vocational school students to support their wind projects and spark their interest. Another educational project aims to reach women studying energy or electrical engineering to introduce them to or deepen their knowledge of the wind energy industry. To do this, #TeamNordex in Türkiye frequently sets up wind turbine technical workshops.

Socio-Economic Development Project (SED) and Nordex Education Trust in South Africa

In South Africa, the Nordex Group accompanied its market entry with the foundation of the Nordex Education Trust which holds a 20% stake in Nordex Energy South Africa (NESA). It supports disadvantaged population groups, as well as projects in the fields of school education, sports, culture and community work, by providing scholarships and grants for study, research and training. In this way, we have been able to support numerous non-governmental organizations, schools and universities and a number of sports and cultural associations over the last few years.
In 2017, NESA launched its Socio-Economic Development Project (SED). Focusing on four major topic areas – youth development, women’s empowerment, early childhood education, and support for persons with disabilities – the SED aims to help young entrepreneurs grow in all areas and supports the beneficiaries in achieving economic independence. Through regular direct communication with individual communities, the Nordex Group identifies their most pressing needs and targets the SED program, respectively.

Sustainability Iniatives in Brazil

The Nordex Group has implemented several sustainability projects in Brazil. These include a community garden project at the Lagoa dos Ventos wind farm, a reuse project for fresh concrete at the Uibaí production site, and the “Adopt a Local Artist” project at the Ventos de Santa Eugênia/BA site. These projects aim to reduce waste, mitigate environmental impact, and promote circularity. The community garden provides organic food to employees and partners, while the reuse project reduces waste and lowers costs. The “Adopt a Local Artist” project promotes the reuse of waste generated during construction and establishes personal contacts with artisans and cooperatives in the region.


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