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Are your service technicians in the field still

required despite the digitalisation or is the person

on-site no longer an important factor ?

No, on the contrary. Well-trained service technicians

with a strong sense of responsibility towards health

and safety and to “their” wind farms form the basis

of our business. We have, and continue to need,

good people who work closely with all our support

departments and can use the new software tools


Are there any other advantages for the system

owner in terms of the Nordex Group’s digitalisation?

Yes, definitely. In future, our customers will receive

comprehensive service reports and information

regarding the tasks carried out on-site. This informa-

tion will be more transparent, simpler and can, for

instance, be recalled using various devices. We want

to gradually expand our Customer Service Portal and

bring our service further in line with the current needs

of our customers

“Intelligent solutions in the area of ​

digital systems make a significant

contribution to improving the

availability of equipment and

information for our customers and

to increasing our efficiency.”

Stefan Ewald, Head of IT, Nordex Group

Global Wind Summit, Hamburg

25–28 September 2018

Colloque National Eolien, Paris

17–18 October 2018

Vind, Stockholm

24–25 October 2018

Key Wind, Rimini

6–9 November 2018

Windaba 2018, Cape Town

7–8 November 2018

Interim report Q3 2018

13 November 2018