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In Service the future

is digital


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New ways in icing protection

The new Advanced Anti-icing System

represents a further step towards higher

yields at cold-climate locations

6 |

In Service the future is digital

An interview with Christian Busdiecker,

Head of Service Europe

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12 |

Pragmatically efficient Swedes

The flexible Delta4000 product series

offers energy and cost-efficient turbines

for a discerning market environment

14 |

Shaping the future today –

NEW 4.0

The project NEW 4.0 aims to completely

convert the states of Hamburg and

Schleswig-Holstein to green electricity

in 2035

15 |

When will things start

looking up again?

New installations in Germany decline

in 2018

16 |

Political affection for renewable

energy in South Africa

An interview with Anne Henschel, Country

Manager – South Africa

19 |

Wild at heart:

Safety first!

New ways in icing

protections: the

Advanced Anti-icing

System (p. 4)

The Nordex Group in

South Africa donated a

playground. (p. 16)

Shaping the

future today