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Orrberget, Åliden and Brattmyrliden are not figures from Norse

mythology, they are the names of wind farm projects now being

built in Sweden, where the Nordex Group facilities will oper-

ate in the near future. This is why Magnus Fjelde, Sales Team

Lead for Sweden, expects a rise in business in the second half

of 2018. The forecast from Svensk Vindenergi, the Swedish wind-

energy trade association, sounds equally promising; it is taking

as its basis an additional construction of ten per cent this year

compared to 2017. This is a growth amounting to more than 815

megawatts, so ultimately at year-end the country’s installed out-

put will comprise around 7,500 megawatts.

The trend is towards large projects

Price pressure is very high in Sweden’s electricity market,

subdivided into four regions – Luleå, Sundsvall, Stockholm and

Malmö. Accordingly, the current price for a kilowatt hour amounts

to only three cents, with a certificate surcharge added to this,

comprising one to one-and-a-half cents. Yet because in the past

the certificates were subject to very strong fluctuation, some

planners even omit them from their calculations. Due to this

demanding situation in revenue terms, the Swedish wind energy

market has undergone major changes in recent years, whereby

today it is predominantly large parks which are being constructed,

often with well in excess of 100 megawatts of installed output.

Flexible modes of operation optimise revenues

“Because such wind farms take up a wide area, comprising many

square kilometres, there are often large differences between the

The Swedes aim to have switched their electricity 100 per cent to

renewable sources by 2040. This goal gives a lasting boost to the Swedish

wind market. In a discerning market environment, the Nordex Group is

offering its clients suitable energy-efficient and cost-efficient facilities –

the flexible Delta4000 product series.

Pragmatically efficient


Installations 2018 in megawatts

For 2018 the Swedish wind energy trade association, Svensk Vindenergi,

calculates that there will be additional construction comprising more

than 10 per cent, with this growth continuing in 2019.

Source: Svensk Vindenergi Statistics and Forecast 2018