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Initially the Wennerstorf wind farm consisted of four

turbines, each with a nominal output of 1.3 mega-

watts; these have been generating electricity since as

far back as 2003. In 2015, ABO Wind AG decided to

upgrade this attractive site with more advanced tech-

nology by replacing the old equipment with new tur-

bines. They opted for the first turbine in the Delta4000

product series, the N149 / 4.0-4.5: once the total of

9 megawatts of nominal output has been installed, the

wind farm’s capacity will be boosted by 73 per cent.

Jörg Hempel, Head of Nordex Germany within the

Nordex Group, says: “We’re pleased to have complet-

ed this flagship project in time for the start of Wind­

Energy Hamburg 2018. As well as our turbines that

are already installed at the Port of Hamburg, we can

now show our customers a further impressive project

using the latest technology developed by the Nordex

Group, the N149 / 4.0-4.5, and we can do so right next

to our Hamburg Head Office.”

The perfect site for conducting

surveying work

New turbines are required to undergo extensive

independent testing to obtain all relevant certifica-

tions. Joachim Bock, ABO Wind Department Head of

Planning, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, ex-

plains: “Over the many years of working with Nordex

on joint projects totalling 500 megawatts, we have

always been very satisfied with our cooperation. This is

yet another reason why we opted for the latest Nordex

technology in upgrading our Wennerstorf wind farm,

and to make it available for the purposes of a full and

independent engineering survey.”

Helmut Resing-Wörmer, in charge of surveying and

operational test measurements at the Nordex Group,

adds: “The site meets the requirements of IEC 61400

and offers good wind conditions of approximately

6.5 metres per second on average – which is ideal

for our land-based turbine. This means that the

planned power output, sound and electricity grid

measurements and the validation of the mechanical

loads can be carried out at the maximum power out-

put of 4.5 megawatts.”

Residents’ acceptance enjoys top priority

Due to a total construction height of 200 metres, the

turbines will be fitted with radar-activated aviation

lights. The lights only switch on if an object flying

below 600 metres approaches within a distance of

4 kilometres from the turbines. The need for constant

night-time illumination is thus eliminated.

“We have had very positive

responses from our

customers. Thanks to the

N149 / 4.0-4.5, we have already

become the preferred turbine

supplier for many projects

amounting to several

hundred megawatts.”

Patxi Landa, CSO, Nordex Group

Access to the con-

struction site was

achieved with a self-

propelled blade trans-

port device (right).

Demanding logistics:

the Nordex Group has

developed a new trans-

portation structure for

the particularly long

rotor blade (bottom).

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