European Regional Development Fund

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is a financial instrument of the European Union aimed at supporting economic and social cohesion in Europe’s regions. It provides funding for projects that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development, with a focus on reducing disparities between regions. The ERDF has been instrumental in supporting the development of infrastructure, research and development, and small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe. In this context, Nordex Energy Spain has received grants. Please find more information below.

Nordex Energy Spain enlisted the external support of the consultancy firm Sisteplant, specialising in optimising productivity and logistics and organisational processes through advanced manufacturing technologies (production and logistics automation), advanced organisational models (Lean Manufacturing) and smart plant systems (Machine Learning, MES, CMMS). The project was carried out in 2020 and submitted to the Navarre Government call for applications for grants promoting specialised support. The grants include a subsidy for projects to improve productivity aimed at a clear, immediate and sustainable increase in the competitiveness of companies.

Additionally, the Nordex Group is active in the project called LUPDEFECT. This project was funded with Navarre Government research and development grants for 2020. The general objective of the project is to investigate in a new advanced methodology for the analysis, characterization and effective treatment of lamination defects (Lay-UP DEFECT) in the manufacture of wind blades in order to ensure their structural integrity and maximise their service life.

Nordex Energy Spain leads the project H2ERMETIC, and together with two other companies, aims to develop assembly and stack-closure strategies for an alkaline electrolyzer. This project is funded by the call “Aid for the realization of Energy Alliances for the development of R&D projects on energy transition within companies”.

Nordex Energy Spain participates in the BLADErepair project, in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Center (CENER Foundation), presented in the 2022 call of the Government of Navarra in the Industrial Research Knowledge Transfer modality. The main objective of this project is to develop advanced repair procedures as a competitive solution to the technical limitations of the wind turbine blade manufacturing process.

Nordex Energy Spain is active in a project that is framed within the area of “Organization” in the action of “Implementation of other organizational and management models”. The project aims to optimize the available resources and their allocation in Nordex Energy Spain’s capacity planning process.

Furthermore, Nordex Energy Spain is participating in the HYBPLANT project, which is funded by the Government of Navarra’s 2022 call for strategic R&D projects. The project aims to generate new knowledge and develop solutions for the operation of hybrid renewable energy plants (wind and solar photovoltaic) for the large-scale production of green hydrogen. Other participants in the project are Ingeteam, BeePlanet, CENER (National Renewable Energy Center) and the Public University of Navarra.