Nordex is once again ranked number 1 among turbine manufacturers in Germany in the 2023 BWE Service Survey – for the third year in a row!

“We were very excited at the end of the year, as we were not sure whether this could ultimately translate into our earnings and lead to a lower grade compared to previous years due to the high number of new projects and the associated additional burden that we had therefore on Service. However, the opposite is the case: We were able to improve a lot – especially in terms of quality – and have once again become the winner of the service survey! Our biggest competitors, on the other hand, are showing a negative trend. But the most important thing is that we have improved our earnings and are thus able to strengthen our position in the market,” explains Volker Bartolles, Head of Service Germany at the Nordex Group.
Background: Every year, the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) conducts a survey on Service among its members. The three topics – “Regular maintenance work”, “Unscheduled overhaul or repair” and “Extraordinary services” – are queried and evaluated with a weighting of 33 percent each by operators of turbines from the main western manufacturer, based on 12 questions.
Now the 2023 results have been published. In the overall evaluation, the Nordex Group once again took the top spot with 2.35 points (2022: 2.60) (1 = excellent, 6 = unsatisfactory), once again ahead of all other manufacturers and, for the first time, all independent service providers. The average of all manufacturers is a smooth “satisfactory” with 3.03 points.
It should be noted that the “quality of the work carried out” (1.89) and the “accessibility of the Service teams for unscheduled repairs” (1.81), but also the “quality of the work carried out during regular maintenance work” (2.08), were rated best by our customers. Only in the “Speed of reinstatement of other parts” we did fall marginally back to 2.51 points (2022: 2.39), otherwise Nordex was able to improve across the board in all the other eleven areas.