Meet Team Nordex – Patricia De Rojas, Site Manager

We have had the possibility to interview Patricia De Rojas, Site Manager for Nordex Group in the Nordic region, and asked her to tell us more about her background, how she ended up in Nordex Group, her visions of the future and her experiences from working as a Site Manager at the construction and installation of wind farms.

Can you tell us a little about your background and previous work experience?

Born in Spain, raised in several countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America, I am a civil engineer passionate about large scale on-site construction work that can contribute to develop better infrastructure for a better living. After finalizing my MBA in Spain, I have worked in projects related to renewable energy and infrastructure across Panama, Madrid, and Finland. In the past three years, I have specialized in the design and implementation of wind power turbines and foundations across Finland.

Personally, my passion is to travel and spend time with my friends and family. I love team sports and outdoor activities such as hiking, playing tennis, skiing… I always try to join all these three things together by traveling with friends and family and planning some outdoor activities in our destinations. Finland has shown me in this over 2,5 years the most beautiful landscapes despite the extreme weather.

What drew you to Nordex Group?

In my previous job as a Site Manager for the construction of foundations for wind turbines, also based in Finland, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Nordex Finland. Seeing first-hand the size and relevance of the group’s projects, as well as their ability to perform to such standards of quality, I was drawn by their professionalism and their vision to become a key player in the wind power industry in the region.

Could you describe your most memorable project or experience at Nordex Group?

Certainly Karahka, the project I am currently working on, is the most special, interesting, and memorable project. Not only because it is the very first hybrid tower developed entirely by Nordex technology, but also because of the collaborative approach led by the organization’s main pillars. On the one hand, Nordex div. International providing the engineering, design, and expertise in the concrete tower construction and, on the other, Nordex division Europe, specifically, The Nordic region, providing the expertise in the country. Overcoming together all the difficulties a prototype brings can be a difficult challenge but at the same time very enriching and satisfactory.

Looking ahead, what trends or developments in the wind energy industry do you think will have the greatest impact on Nordex Group, and how do you think the company can stay ahead of the curve?

While we live in an unpredictable and fast-changing world, there are certain trends and developments in the wind industry that might have a significant impact on our company’s strategy. These include the raise of new technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and digitalization; new ways of obtaining energy like hydrogen; shifting societal norms about energy consumption, with new environmental and sustainability standards, among others. To ensure that Nordex Group is ready to respond to these challenges, we should focus on creating a diverse and dynamic organization that can remain resilient in times of crises, but also agile and creative to quickly respond to a rapidly evolving market.

Can you describe a typical day at work?

A typical day at work starts very early in the morning with a gathering of most of our on-site team for a toolbox talk with coffee. We use this time to plan the day ahead with all subcontractors and team leaders, we also review the weather forecast and discuss any potential interferences or traffic management issues. We wrap-up the meeting with a health, safety and environment discussion, to then kick off another busy day.

What I like the most about working on-site is the huge diversity of people, roles, nationalities, and different languages we have. For instance, our team is made up of a great variety of roles: site managers, electrical and mechanical supervisors, HSE coordinators, commissioners, engineers, quality logistics, and crane specialists. And, of course, the whole back-office team in Helsinki. This wide range of knowledge, wisdom, expertise, and support that we rely on is critical for the success of the construction.

Each of these teams has a wide variety of nationalities, languages, personalities, skillsets and working styles, which allows for constant professional growth and learning. Additionally, this diverse team culture allows you to constantly meet new colleagues, as well as to reconnect with old co-workers from previous projects.

I find very stimulating is that you can constantly learn from everyone by just having a short coffee conversation or sharing work experiences, since most of us have been living and working abroad for long periods of time.