Meet Team Nordex – Sanna Tiusanen, Senior Site Manager

We have had the pleasure to meet with Sanna Tiusanen, Senior Site Manager at Nordex Group Finland, and ask some questions about her background, career at Nordex Group and the daily work as a site manager. Read more to learn more about the work as site manager on the installation phase of a windfarm!

Could you tell us a little about your background and previous work experience?
Nordex is my first and only experience of wind energy industry. All previous work experience is from another fields. I’ve studied Social and Public Policy in University of Jyväskylä.

How did you first become interested in working in the wind energy industry?
That was in 2014. My studies were focused on energy and climate questions; however, wind energy industry was new for me. Work on windfarm construction site sounded very interesting, fun and almost exotic thing to me. It’s been all that and much more!

What do you think are your strengths as a Senior Site Manager in the Nordex Group Finland company?
Nowadays due to long work history good networks and relationship with many colleagues, contractors & other stakeholders. Getting well along with people and always trying to create good work atmosphere on site for everyone. Keeping calm in a hectic and intense site life. Being precise.

How do you stay up-to-date with the developments and changes in the industry?
I always trying to keep my eyes and ears open. Following news and having productive conversations with a wide range of people visiting our sites – delivery drivers, locals, colleagues from different departments, contractors, clients…

How has your role or responsibilities evolved during your time at Nordex Group?
I started as a Site Assistant, then a PM Assistant, Junior Site Manager, Site Manager and now Senior Site Manager. In these different roles I’ve been participating of total 25 projects in Finland, Sweden and Norway. There’s always been possibilities available to develop inside the organization.

Could you describe your most memorable project or experience at Nordex Group?
Not raising any project on top of others, there´s been so many great projects, people and chances to work in unique environments. Also, there´s been so many fun moments on sites and all the tremendous experiences I´ve had during the years, such as learning to operate a crane, spending days as a top team member installing tower sections and nacelle, troubleshooting turbine with commissioner, working as service technician.

How is a typical workday at the site?
Typical daily routines depend on project phase. It varies a lot if it´s a new site setting up, or installation is ongoing, or just Type 1 – Maintenance and service works, for example.

This correlates with amount of people on site (can be anything between 2–100), working shifts (one shift vs. multiple shifts; normal working hours vs. adjusted working hours), and level of intensity.

Typical Site Manager’s day could be for example as follows:
In the morning: at 07:00 site opens; snow works & gritting office walkways; checking the weather forecast & news; coffee preparation for the team; coordination meeting with all workers on site; work permits issuing; welcoming new workers and visitors; receiving deliveries; taking care of running things; meetings participation.

During the day: follow-up weather forecast; follow-up work progress, non-conformities and claims handling; order materials and components; more meetings; reporting; monitoring safety; site checks; housekeeping; communication with wider project team & clients; planning & scheduling together with site team.

In the evening: catching-ups with workers finishing their tasks & closing out work permits; preparation for next day; delivering daily reports; checking last updates for weather; site closing 18:00 (or later).

What does the Site Manager role mean to you?
For me the Site Manager´s role means leadership, helping people to make their work on site efficiently, ensuring everyone´s safety, looking for solutions, trying to inspire people and creating good spirit at workplace, effective coordination and communication with all teams, making decisions & taking responsibility.