Yearly Technical Training Program for Female Participants Realized

​As a tradition, Nordex Enerji A.Ş. organizes a wind turbine technical training program for female engineer and technician candidates every year to boost women’s employment in the wind power industry. This year’s training took place from 4 – 7 July at Nordex Türkiye’s Service and Technical Training Center in İzmir.

21 female students from universities and vocational schools attended the training program, which included theoretical training as well as a visit to Vega Energy’s Çeşme Wind Power Plant. The participants had the opportunity to learn more about wind turbine technical components and training simulators on the final day of the training at the Nordex Service and Technical Training Center, and were given a certificate of participation and the book A’dan Z’ye Rüzgar Santrali (Wind Power Plant from A to Z).

The guest speakers, Ms. Selin Durmuş, Operations Lead from Artıbir Energy, one of the leading Energy firms in the industry, and Mr. Erman Kaya, General Manager of Vega Energy, both shared their vision and experience with women in the wind industry.

Selin Durmuş said that women may face certain challenges in this business, such as male-centric power dynamics and gender inequality. She added that it was important to keep going with determination and commitment and that, in her experience, self-confidence, trusting in one’s talents, and constantly striving to improve oneself were all key to success.

Erman Kaya stated that wind power is a crucial step towards a more sustainable future, and that women should have a major presence in this area. He believes that women’s viewpoints and abilities bring a unique perspective to the wind power industry and are a great asset in terms of diversity and inclusion.

We hope that this experience might lead one or more of the participants to choose a career in the wind industry.