Sustainability Report 2022 Published

Thanks to the tireless commitment of our Nordex Group colleagues, in 2022 we were once again able to make a major contribution to leaving the fossil-fuel age behind. Together, we launched numerous sustainability initiatives and at the same time expanded our company’s market share under difficult economic conditions.

As part of our “Sustainability Strategy 2025″, we set ourselves ambitious goals back in 2021 – and, despite several challenges, we are proud to now present examples of our successes from 2022. Our seventh Sustainability Report summarizes the Nordex Group’s progress and measures related to the Group’s key sustainability topics, as well as the risks and opportunities we face from a sustainability perspective. It includes the Group’s separate consolidated Non-financial Report in compliance with statutory requirements and was audited by the auditing specialists PwC. For 2022 we met additional statutory reporting requirements, such as those set out in the EU Taxonomy Regulation 2020/852. In accordance with Article 8 Para. 2 of the EU Taxonomy Regulation for the environmental objectives of “Climate change mitigation” and “climate adaptation”, we published our taxonomy-compliant sales revenues along with the operating expenses (OpEx) and capital expenditure (CapEx) of our operations. 99.79% of Nordex’ business activities generating Turnover, 74.65% of our total CapEx and 93.38% of our total OpEx in year 2022 were assessed to be Taxonomy-aligned.

First year of implementation of the Sustainability Strategy 2025

We can already check off the successful implementation of several measures. However, we still have work to do in order to achieve all the goals we aim to achieve by 2025 across the four dimensions of ‘Our Products’, ‘Environment’, ‘Society’ and ‘Governance’.

Key sustainability initiatives in 2022:

  • Regarding the Task Force on climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD), we identified specific climate risks and opportunities for the Nordex Group. These formed the basis for a climate change adaptation plan.
  • Two new life cycle analyses (LCAs) for the Nordex N155 and N163 turbines once again demonstrated onshore wind turbines’ very low energy-generation environmental footprint, with 5.5 and 2.7 g CO2e/kWh respectively. By comparison, the generation of one kilowatt-hour by burning lignite coal is 1,054 g CO2e.
  • we already attained our objective of reducing the lost-time injury frequency (LTIF) rate to below 1.5 (per 1 million working hours) by 2025.
  • In the area of Diversity & Inclusion, we continued to pursue our goal of breaking down ‘unconscious stereotype’ thought patterns, both in everyday business as well as in recruitment and promotion processes, by launching new training courses.
  • Through a detailed analysis of our Supplier Management, we laid the foundation for the further optimization of our procurement processes next year and are aligning these with the full compliance requirements of Germany’s Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.


Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability Key Fact Booklet 2022 (EN)