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Project services for the optimal wind farm configuration

Thanks to our long-time experience in the technical planning of wind park systems, we at Nordex are able to offer the installation of turnkey wind parks with the substation including grid connection. Within the framework of micrositing we can also help you to find the suitable wind turbine and determine its exact position within your wind park.

Nordex has DIN ISO 9001 certification for the planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of all electrical and technical automation systems as well as for the infrastructural measures required for wind turbines.

With our many years of wind energy know-how we can help our customers with forecasts, planning, the licensing procedures and the installation of turnkey wind parks.


Your advantages:

  • risk minimization due to a fixed price and guaranteed deadlines
  • minimization of the work involved via planning interfaces
  • support in financing questions
  • time saving by advanced services in connection with planning and grid connection


Shadow throw map

Whether a location is suitable for the use of wind energy depends primarily on the local wind conditions. Long-term wind measurements can provide information on this. As soon as the information is available regarding the local wind conditions it is possible to draw up the layout of the wind park and select the optimal wind energy system.


We offer assistance

  • with data analysis and processing,
  • drawing up projections for noise emission and shade
  • allowing for the required distances from neighbouring housing sites and minimum distances of the wind turbines from each other,
  • explaining and fulfilling the regulations relating to planning and building law,
  • obtaining answers to questions relating to the accessibility of the wind park,
  • determining the optimal siting of the wind turbines in the wind park.

Project Engineering

As part of our turnkey service, we offer support and practical implementation in connection with calculating projections and all the planning and construction steps for your wind park. We find the best line layout for the requirements of our customers. We plan the entire communications network and the medium-voltage network for connecting your wind park to the high-voltage grid. What’s more: we assist you in dealing with the authorities, evaluating analyses on environmental compatibility and recommendation of compensatory measures.


As part of our turnkey service we also offer to set up the complete wind park substation. The substation is a turnkey modular system, especially designed for the link-up of the wind park network to the high-voltage grid of the power supplier. Set up as an outdoor plant, the substation converts the alternating voltage, which as a rule lies between 110 kV and 380 kV, to 20 or 30 kV. The current is then distributed further. We ensure that the electrical energy created in the wind energy system is optimally and punctually fed into the high-voltage grid.

Our offer includes:

  • conducting all the negotiations needed with the power supply company – also before grid connection has been approved
  • engineering and installation of a complete substation
  • extension of the power supply company's substation
  • installation and connection of the medium-voltage system, including buildings
  • installation and connection of distribution transformers
  • installation of switchboard plant and protection technology
  • implementation of all excavation work and building foundations
  • protection technology
  • assembly
  • commissioning up to grid switch-on together with the power supply company


Thanks to our special financing possibilities, we are able to ensure a tight deadline chain in the implementation of the complete wind park and make sure that the wind turbines are started up directly after installation, without delay.

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