The Nordex Group around the World – Mexico!

The Nordex Group has been active in the Mexican wind market since 2009 and, with an installed capacity of 1,171 MW and 676 MW of turbines under construction, holds a market share of 19 per cent (February, 2020). Our local headquarters are located in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, which is the hub of the country’s political and economic activities.
The local production facilities that we operate in Mexico enable us to produce high-quality parts in a cost-efficient and logistically ideal manner due to our proximity to the growth markets in North and Latin America. In Matamoros, in the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas, our blade production facility is located. The facility was opened in May last year. We currently plan for a production capacity of around 1GW per year, both for the local and the global market. In Monterrey, in the state of Nuevo León, we have a concrete tower production facility and a warehouse. Another warehouse is located in Veracruz. Overall, the Nordex Group employs 1300 people in Mexico internally and externally.
Wind conditions in Mexico are excellent but vary greatly. The north-east of the country has good wind potential with medium wind speeds. On the peninsula of Yucatán, on the other hand, weak to moderate wind conditions prevail. In the southern part of the country is the state of Oaxaca, where wind conditions are within the strong range. This is also the location of the Oaxacas I, II & III project, the largest Nordex wind farm in Mexico, with an installed capacity of 306 MW. In the future, the Delta4000 turbines N149 and N155, and the AW3000 turbines AW148 and AW132 with concrete tower heights of 120 and 164 meters , and a steel tower height of 145 meters will have particular sales potential.

Local Nordex Group representatives
Albert Sunyer Folch – Country Manager Mexico