The Nordex Group around the World – Turkey!

In Turkey, the Nordex Group is not only the market leader, but, in the last year, has also sold the most turbines in this region. The company has been active in the Turkish wind energy market since 2009, and in 2016, Nordex Enerji A.S. Turkey became the market leader and continues to hold this position with a market share of 27 percent and a current installed capacity of over 2,134 MW, as well as 825 MW under construction (January 2020).

There is high potential for the use of wind energy in Turkey given that the mountain ranges in central Turkey, and especially in the western coastal regions, offer consistently good wind speeds. This explains why the Nordex Group’s Turkish headquarters are located in the business metropolis of Istanbul in the northwest of the country. The company also has a training centre and a customer service office in Izmir in close proximity to its customers’ numerous wind farms on the west coast. Nordex Energji A.S. team comprises a total of 240 employees.

The Nordex turbines N149/5.X and N163/5.X have particular sales potential in the Turkish market. In addition to this, the Nordex Group is not only present here with sales and service, but also has local production operations. Rotor blades, anchor cages, towers and generators are all produced in the country itself, meaning the company is able to offer additional benefits for customers and the local economy thanks to local manufacturing content.

Upbeat outlook for alternative energies in Turkey

The expansion and promotion of renewable energies is an important goal of Turkish energy policy, with the share of renewable energies in electricity generation expected to grow to at least 30 percent by 2023. In particular, against this backdrop, the use of wind power for producing electricity has increased sharply in recent years. In 2019, Nordex Enerji A.S. received orders for around 690 MW and has already secured preliminary projects for 2020, in addition to qualifying as the preferred supplier on many more.  

Local Nordex Group representatives

Habib Babacan – Managing Director “Turkey & Mid East” Region

Habib Babacan has been working in the wind industry for eleven years. He has been employed by Nordex since 2014 and has been Managing Director of the region since the beginning of 2020.

Ergun Gültekin – Regional Service Director “Eastern Europe, Turkey & Mid East”

Ergun Gültekin has 23 years of professional experience and joined Nordex in 2013. He is heading the service business in the Eastern Europe, Turkey & Mid East region.