Success for Nordex project development in France

Four wind farms developed in-house sold / New order received

Hamburg, 16. December 2011.  Nordex is strengthening its position as a project developer in France. The wind turbine manufacturer’s French subsidiary has sold four wind farms developed in-house comprising a total of 19 N100/2500 turbines. This equals a capacity of 47.5 megawatt. Furthermore, Nordex France has received an order to supply four turbines from the N90/2500 series. The customers have signed Premium Service Agreements with Nordex for ten and eleven years, respectively.

The first of the Nordex-developed projects, “Forge” in the Cher region in central France, is sold to Allianz Renewable Energy Partners IV Limite. This is the sixth Nordex wind farm to be purchased by the Allianz Group, which now owns a Nordex portfolio of more than 80 megawatts.

The other three projects developed by Nordex, “Bois Ballay”, “Mazeray” and “Coudrays”, are sold to BNP Clean Energy Investment Partners. BNP invests in renewable energy and already operates a Nordex wind farm in Ireland. “Bois Ballay” and “Coudrays” went on grid in the region of Berry in central France. “Mazeray” in the west of the country is due to be completed in September 2012.

Finally, the wind farm operator BOREAS has purchased four wind turbines for its “Coume” project in Eastern France. The order comprises the delivery, the installation and the commissioning of the turbines which is due to be completed by the end of the year. BOREAS and Nordex have already worked together in several European countries.

“We are pleased to see that our project development activities in France yield successes and to be continuing our collaboration with BOREAS”, says Nordex CSO Lars Bondo Krogsgaard.