Nordex UK awarded order for 52.5 MW wind farm

Installation of 21 N90/2500 turbines scheduled for summer 2012

Hamburg, 25 July 2011. Nordex UK has obtained an order to supply 21 N90/2500 wind turbines. The customer is a joint venture company, majority owned by Statkraft, Europe´s leader in renewable energy. The 21 turbines are to be installed in the Scottish Baillie Wind Farm during August 2012. Statkraft has also signed a Premium Service Agreement with Nordex for five years.

Baillie Wind Farm is to be built near the north coast of Scotland so enjoys high average wind speeds over 9 m/s, requiring a robust machine certified for high-wind sites in accordance with IEC 1a. After raising the wind class suitability in the whole multi-megawatt product family, Nordex now offers the N90/2500 for these locations. “The N90/2500 is the most cost-efficient machine providing high wind yield at a tough site. In the UK and Ireland there are many invitations to tender for high-wind regions. This is why the IEC 1a certificate for the N90/2500 offers a major opportunity on the market,” says Bryan Grinham, Managing Director at Nordex UK.

The Baillie Wind Farm was developed by Steven and Thomas Pottinger who remain partners with Statkraft and are developing further wind turbine sites in the area. To comply with the restrictions of 110 metres tip height, Nordex is setting up the 21 turbines on 65-metre towers. These are able to generate a yield of approximately 180 gigawatt hours a year, sufficient to meet the demand from some 39,000 British households.

“We are very pleased to be working with Statkraft for the first time. During the negotiations we showed once again that we are able to react flexibly to the complex requirements of a major utility. This is a good basis for future projects together,” says Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, CSO Sales and Marketing at Nordex SE.