Nordex USA wins 41 MW order for Iowa wind farm

Hamburg, December 15, 2010.  Nordex USA announced today an order with wind farm developer RPM Access for a 41 Megawatt wind farm in Delaware County Iowa, just weeks after finalizing a 75 Megawatt order with EverPower Wind Holdings. Nordex’ new manufacturing plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas will produce the turbines. The contract includes a 10-year premium service contract, as well as the delivery, installation, commissioning and testing of 17 Nordex N100 turbines. 

The Elk Wind Farm is Nordex’ first project with RPM Access, and represents the second order Nordex has received since dedicating its plant in October. The project strengthens a growing local workforce in Arkansas that has reached over 70 new hires already, with the potential of increasing to 700 over the next four years, in accordance with the market.

“RPM Access is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable developers in the Midwest,” said Ralf Sigrist, President and CEO of Nordex USA. “And as Nordex is also a pioneer in wind, working together was a real meeting of minds. We share the same passions – building new energy sources for the future, bringing cost predictability to a volatile electricity market and using the best technology available to achieve these goals.”

Elk Wind is a construction-ready project slated for completion in October 2011. RPM Access will own and operate the wind farm, and Central Iowa Power Cooperative will purchase the power via a 20-year power purchase agreement. Based in West Des Moines, RPM Access has initiated the development of six operating wind projects in Iowa, representing 370 Megawatts, over the past 10 years and has a robust project pipeline.

“The Nordex model N100 is a near perfect match for the wind regime found at the Elk Wind site in North East Iowa,” said Stephen Dryden, Principle of RPM Access. “In our diligence, we found Nordex’ global record for reliability, efficiency and service to be a key selling point that will help us maximize power output. We are also extremely happy to be sourcing American-made turbines that support American jobs, as well as to bring more green energy to the Midwest.”  

Iowa is the second largest generator of wind energy in the US, producing nearly 20% of its electricity from wind with over 3,500 Megawatts installed. Iowa has been able to significantly reorder its energy portfolio by way of forward-thinking public policies, including a requirement that utilities offer the opportunity to purchase green energy to their customers. 

Nordex has both completed and planned installations in several states, including Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Maryland, Colorado and now Iowa. Currently, Nordex’ largest US order to date – 150 Megawatts/60 turbines – is being installed at BP Wind Energy’s Cedar Creek wind farm in Colorado.