Nordex France sells three of its own projects

The customers include municipalities and one region

Hamburg, 15 November 2010. Nordex is strengthening its position as a project developer in France: the wind turbine manufacturer’s regional subsidiary has now sold three turnkey wind farms developed by the company itself, with a total capacity of 37.5 MW.  The wind farms were set up in 2009 and consist of machines from the 2.5 MW product family. The customers signed Premium service agreements with a term of ten to twelve years.

The first project, “Tilleuls”, with five N90/2500 turbines, is located in the region of Berry in the centre of France. The buyer is a “Société d´Economie Mixte” (SEM), a company comprising public and private investors. The special feature of this is that the public investors are local municipalities and the region. The banks providing the finance are also shareholders. “Tilleuls” is the first project to be taken over by “SEM Energies Renouvelables”.

“We are pleased about this collaboration with the municipalities. `Tilleuls´ can serve as a good example for other municipalities to follow by also investing in wind projects“, said Gerd von Bassewitz, Managing Director of Nordex France.

Nordex also built five N90/2500 turbines in the “Campbon” wind farm in the Loire Atlantique region near Nantes. The customer is Allianz Specialised Investments, an investment subsidiary of the Allianz Group. With “Campbon”, Allianz now owns seven French Nordex wind farms with a total effective output of 71 MW.

The third wind farm sold is called “Plomodiern”, consists of five turbines from the N80/2500 strong-wind series and was installed in Brittany. It has been taken over by the private investor “JMA Energies”, which also owns the Nordex wind farm “Cast I” (10 MW). JMA Energies was also involved in the development of the project.