Nordex supplies twelve turbines for “Emerald Isle”

Hamburg, 29 September 2010. Two new orders from the “Emerald Isle” at the same time: in the first quarter of 2011 Nordex will be shipping a total of twelve 2.5 MW wind turbines to Northern Ireland and the south-west of the Republic of Ireland from its European production centre in Rostock, Germany. 

In January 2011 the wind turbine manufacturer is to install the first six N90/2500 turbines at the “Grouselodge” Wind Farm. This is located in County Limerick and will supply some 67 gigawatt hours of clean energy each year. “Grouselodge” belongs to ESB International, an investor and power plant operator, for which Nordex has already built the N90/2500 “Crockagarran” wind farm this year.

The other six turbines from the N80/2500 strong-wind series will be constructed by Nordex to the south of Londonderry city at the “Curryfree” wind farm. “Curryfree” wind farm was developed and is being constructed by Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES). The wind farm is owned by ESB International, and will produce a yield of 50 gigawatt hours a year.

RES, ESB and Nordex have been partners for a number of years. This partnership has installed turbines in Northern Ireland with a total capacity of 75 MW. “We have built up a strong customer base of internationally successful developers and power plant operators in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The new orders from RES and ESB show that the performance of our turbines completely fulfils expectations. We are looking forward to continuing to work together with them in the future“, says Bryan Grinham, CEO of Nordex UK and Ireland.