Nordex China supplying 33 MW for Ningxia Power

Contract for the first versions of the 82-meter rotor model awarded by key-account customer

Hamburg, October 21, 2009. Nordex has been awarded two new contracts in the high-growth Chinese market. Starting in November, it will be supplying 22 1.5 MW multi-megawatt turbines for the “Sunhill II” and “Hongsipu II” wind farms for utility Ningxia Electric Power. Some of the turbines will also be fitted with rotors with a new enlarged diameter of 82 meters. The Nordex S82/1500 is a new version of the proven 1.5 MW platform specially designed for use in non-coastal regions.

Nordex will install the “Sunhill II” wind farm with a nominal capacity of 28.5 MW and the “Hongsipu II” project (4.5 MW) near Yinchuan in the province of Ningxia. With rotor diameters of 77 and 82 meters, the turbines will be capable of producing an annual yield of 70 gigawatt/hours. “Both systems incorporate technology which has proven itself in 700 installations all around the world. We are producing them directly at our facilities in Yinchuan and Dongying and sourcing nearly all components from Chinese partners in the interests of maximizing local content,” explains Carsten Pedersen, COO Sales and Marketing at Nordex. The 22 turbines are to go on line this year.

All told, Nordex has installed approximately 120 MW for Ningxia Electric Power to date. The most recent project was the S77/1500 wind farm “Sunhill I”, which has been on line since August. Nordex is currently showcasing the new S82/1500 at the China Windpower fair in Peking (October 21 – 23).