Nordex awarded 90 MW contract in Turkey

Subsidiary established in the growing Turkish market

Hamburg, June 29, 2009. Nordex AG is extending its position in the Turkish market. After establishing a local company based in Istanbul in April 2009, it has now gained a firmly financed contract for a total volume of 90 MW. Starting in winter 2009, Nordex will be constructing the “Bergama” wind farm comprising 36 N90/2500 turbines for power station operator Bilgin Enerji. “Bergama” will be the largest Nordex wind farm in Turkey and one of the largest in the country. The Turkish company will be calling down the turbines under the terms of a master contract signed with Nordex in spring 2008 and providing for a total volume of 210 MW. It has additionally booked a premium service package.

“Bergama” already is the second project on which Bilgin and Nordex are working together: The “Mazi III” wind farm comprising nine N90/2500 turbines is currently being constructed on the peninsular of Çeºme. The “Bergama” wind farm will be located in West Turkey close to the antique city of the same name. The 36 wind turbines are being installed at heights of up to 650 meters, where high wind speeds averaging around 9 m/s prevail. With a projected annual energy yield of around 300 gigawatt/hours, the wind farm has the potential to supply 150,000 Turkish households with clean electricity, thus avoiding CO2 emissions of around 300,000 tons.

Nordex is planning to feed up to 200 MW of new power into Turkey’s national grid by the end of 2009. “The establishment of a local company marked an important strategic step in our efforts to position ourselves in the emerging Turkish market. In this way, we can execute local projects more quickly and efficiently,” explains Carsten Pedersen, COO Sales and Marketing at Nordex.