Nordex’s new business growing at double-digit rates again

32% increase in order intake to EUR 1.1 billion in 2011

 Hamburg, 10 January 2012. Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex recorded new orders of around EUR 400 million in the fourth quarter of 2011 (Q4/2010: EUR 306 million), translating into a 32 percent full-year increase in new business to EUR 1.1 billion in 2011 (2010: EUR 836 million). Originally, Nordex had projected growth of 20 percent to EUR 1 billion. In November 2011 following its favourable performance in the previous quarters, the Company raised its guidance for new business to the figure now reached.

 Nordex particularly benefited from its strong position in the European markets, which accounted for around 77 percent of its order intake. A further 21 percent of new business came from the United States, where the group recorded a sharp increase in order receipts to EUR 191 million in the final quarter of the year in particular.

 “On the strength of this good performance, we assume that the volume of firmly financed order backlog has risen from EUR 411 million in the previous year to around EUR 700 million at the beginning of 2012,” says Thomas Richterich, CEO of Nordex. Nordex SE will be publishing its annual report for 2011 in April.