Worldwide Turnkey-Projects

Our turnkey offer comprises, for example:



The turnkey offer can include more services or just some of these turnkey-packages – according your requirements. Following you will find a survey of selected turnkey projects worldwide:


Country Wind farm Customer Wind turbines
Italy Vicari Erg-Cesa 15 x N90
Italy Minervino Murge Falck Renewables 26 x N90
UK Lisset Air Field Novera 12 x N90
UK Kilbraur Falck Renewables 19 x N90
UK Millenium Falck Renewables 16 x N90
Portugal Chao Falcao I, II, III Enersis 35 x N90
Portugal Serra da Freita Enersis / Eurowatt 16 x N90
Portugal Carrezo Generg 9 x N90
France Bois Clergeon Eurowatt 5 x N90
France Voie Bleriot Est Enersis 5 x N90
France Bois de l'Arche Eurowind 5 x N90
Estonia Paldiski I, Pakri I Vardar 8 x N90
Germany Schortewitz e.dis natur 6 x N80
Germany Ketzin e.dis natur 8 x N90
Germany Uetze
Sachsenfonds 30 x S70
Germany Roth Babcock & Brown 18 x S70 / S77
Germany Niederrhein Renerco 13 x S70 / S77
Germany Uelitz Scan Energy 13 x S77
Germany Owschlag P&T,
10 x S70
Germany Helenenberg Plambeck 5 x N60
10 x S70
Germany Altenautal Windpark Altenautal
Betriebs GmbH
15 x N60
18 x N43
3 x S46
Netherlands Rotterdam NEREFCO Refinery 9 x N80
Greece Tourla ST Frederikslund
15 x N43
16 x N43
Egypt Zafarana NREA, New and
Renewable Energy
105 x N43
Spain Zaragoza Jorge, S.A
Cinergy Global
25 x N43
Spain El Águila Jorge, S.A
Cinergy Global
15 x N62
USA Garrett,
National Wind
8 x N60

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