N100/2500 (2.5 Megawatt)

The Nordex N100/2500 kW is a 2.5 MW wind turbine specially configured for moderate and low wind conditions.

The N100/2500 is one of the largest turbines in the Nordex product line and its yield rates among the highest in its power class. With a rotor sweep of 7,854 square metres, this IEC-2 certified turbine operates particularly profitably in medium and low wind regimes.

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Brief description

The rotor consists of three rotor blades made of high-quality glass fibre-reinforced polyester, a hub, slewing rings and drives for adjusting the rotor blades. A pitch system is used to control and optimise output. The variable-speed rotor enhances the aerodynamic effects and reduces the wind load on the system. If necessary, each rotor blade can be locked in any position by means of an innovative locking system to facilitate servicing.

Drive train
The drive train consists of the rotor shaft, the gearbox, an elastic coupling and the generator.

Nordex equips the turbines with a two-stage planetary gearbox with a spur gear stage or with a differential gearbox. The gearbox is fitted with a cooling circuit with variable cooling output. The gearbox bearing and tooth engagement are kept continuously lubricated with oil.

The generator is a double-fed asynchronous machine. Nordex has been using this type of generator with variable-speed turbines successfully for many years. The main advantage is that only 25 30% of the energy produced needs to be fed into the electricity grid via a frequency converter. The deployment of this generator/frequency converter system thus cuts the total cost of the wind power system.

Cooling and filtration
The gearbox, generator and converter of the turbine each have independent active cooling systems. The cooling system for the generator and frequency converter is based on a cooling water circuit, while the gearbox is cooled by an oil-based system. This ensures optimum operating conditions in all types of weather. A separate cooling system room at the rear of the nacelle facilitates access to the cooling units and ensures optimum performance of the individual systems.

Braking system
The three redundant and independently controlled rotor blades can be set at full right angles to the rotation direction for aerodynamic braking. In addition, the hydraulic disc brake provides additional support in the event of an emergency stop.

The nacelle consists of the cast machine frame, a welded generator frame, a steel structure for the crane system and for supporting the nacelle housing and the nacelle housing itself, which is made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic. Ergonomically designed, it is spacious and thus very service-friendly.

Yaw system
The wind direction is continuously monitored by two redundant wind direction sensors on the nacelle. If the permissible deviation is exceeded, the nacelle yaw is actively adjusted by means of up to 4 geared motors.

The tubular steel tower is designed and certified as a modular tower. The requirements of EN 50308 in particular have been taken into account in the design of the tower interiors (access ladder, platforms, safety equipment). The transformer can be installed either inside or outside the tower. Nordex offers the N100/2500 IEC2 a systems on modular tubular steel towers with heights ranging from 75 to 100 metres.

Control and grid connection
The wind turbine has two anemometers. One anemometer is used for controlling the turbine, the second for monitoring the first. All operational data can be monitored and checked on a control screen located in the switch cabinet or via an external laptop. The data and signals are transmitted via ISDN for remote monitoring. At the click of the mouse, the operator can download all key data for the turbine from the Internet. The necessary communications software and hardware is supplied by Nordex.

Lightning protection
Lightning and overvoltage protection of the entire wind turbine is based on the lightning protection concept and is in accordance with DIN EN 62305.


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