With one of the largest swept areas in the 3MW segment, 13,720 m2, the AW132/3000 optimizes energy output and significantly reduces cost of energy in low wind sites (IEC class IIIb). It is available on a 120 and 137.5 meter concrete tower as well as an 84 meter steel tower, which is a unique and efficient solution for tip-height constrained sites or locations with low wind shear.



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Brief description

Optimized performance for low wind sites
Proven and bankable design including double-bearing support on main shaft, glassfiber and epoxy blades and DFIG electrical generation.

Compatibility and control
Zero voltage ride-through beyond current regulatory requirements, in addition to grid integration and reactive power solutions to allow for maximum control for stringent grid codes. Control software that allows intelligent automatic monitoring and operation.

Hydraulic pitch control for safe and reliable blade pitching in all wind environments. Two-person lift; hub access from inside the nacelle; and spacious, ergonomic nacelle design allow for operational efficiency.

12 KV versus 690 V
This configuration, proven in the wind turbines, can remove the step-up transformer from the equation and is ideal for projects that are in close proximity to the substation. The result is a significant saving over the life of the project: up to 50% savings in collection system costs, average of 1% greater energy productions due to the avoidance of transformer electrical losses and it avoids maintenance and potential failures of transformers.

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