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18.12.2012, Press release

Growing demand for the Nordex N117 from Germany

Hamburg, 18 December 2012. Germany’s new energy policy “Energiewende” is increasingly taking on form. Whereas many large-scale projects are being delayed, demand for efficient wind turbines is rising steadily. “With our new N117/2400 system we are particularly able to render many non-coastal sites economically viable for wind power and, in this way, feed clean electricity into the grid close to the consumer,” says Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, a member of Nordex’s Management Board.


The latest example is the contract for the delivery of six N117 turbines for the Frohnhausen wind farm close to Wetzlar. Nordex is to commence installation work in summer 2013. Despite the relatively weak wind conditions prevailing at that site, the wind farm will achieve a capacity factor of more than 33 percent and thus be able to generate inexpensive electricity from the wind. This is thanks to the special turbine design and the use of 141-metre tall towers.


Explains Krogsgaard: “The N117 has made a material contribution to our sales success in Germany, where we will be able to increase sales volumes by more than 50 percent in 2012 and simultaneously gain new customers.” This is the case with the Frohnhausen wind farm, for example. The project owner is the Hermann Hofman Group, which is active in raw materials production and recycling in the Lahn-Dill region and now wants to diversify into renewable energies.

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