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High yield wind turbines for all windregimes

Under the brand name Nordex we offer powerful wind turbines for almost all geographic regions across the globe.


With the serial produced multi-megawatt wind turbines of Generation Gamma Nordex N90/2500, N100/2500 and N117/2400, Nordex is able to offer high-efficiency wind turbines for onshore use. Since 2013 Nordex offers the Delta Generation with the N100/3300 for stron wind sites, the N117/3000 for medium wind sites and the N131/3000 for light wind sites. 


As developers and manufacturers of wind turbines, we concentrate on our core competencies. In addition to the overall technical design, our know-how also lies in the development of rotor blades with a length of more than 64 metres and in the integrated electrical and control technology for wind turbines.


These are the driving factors behind the development of more efficient and thus more economical machines – which is to the advantage of the environment and of our customers.

Nordex: 30 years of experience in the harnessing of wind energy

Few technologies have made so much progress in recent years as the use of wind energy. Nordex is one of the fathers of this development. After all, since 1985 we have been setting standards with the development up to readiness for series production of ever larger and thus more economical turbines:

  • in 1995 with the first megawatt system in the world, the Nordex N54/1000 kW,
  • in 2000 with the most powerful series wind turbine in the world, the N80/2500 kW
  • in 2011 with the most efficient multi-megawatt system for IEC3a class - N117/2400
  • in 2013 with the Delta Generation N117/3000 for IEC 2, N100/3300 for IEC 1 and N131/3000 for IEC3 sites.

Today more than 6,000 Nordex wind turbines with a total rated output of more than 10,000 megawatts are already rotating in 40 countries of the world. We are represented with offices and subsidiaries in 20 countries. In this way we are consistently seizing development opportunities in a market which will continue grow in the course of the next few years.


Nordex SE is a management holding company with its headquarters in Rostock. The domicile of the board and administration is Hamburg. Nordex SE's task is to control and coordinate the activities of the two 100 per cent subsidiaries Nordex Energy GmbH and Nordex Energy B.V.

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