Integrity is one of our core corporate values and a firm constituent of our corporate culture. Acting with integrity and, moreover, acting within the law, forms the basis for our good reputation. This is an essential foundation for the trust placed in us by our customers, shareholders and business partners, as well as the public.

Our Core Principles for compliant and responsible behaviour are a uniform yardstick and apply as a supplement to the corporate guidelines to all colleagues of the Nordex Group in all our locations across the world:

  1. We comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. We avoid conflicts of interests, ensure transparency and have zero-tolerance regarding corruption.
  3. We protect company property.
  4. Each employee knows, shares and lives by the Code of Conduct.
  5. We aspire to ethical standards.

These principles are described in our Code of Conduct. By adhering to these principles, we are making a key contribution to maintaining the reputation of our corporation and thus to securing long-lasting commercial success.

Furthermore, we expects also from our Contractors and Suppliers throughout the complete business relationship to them integrity and ethical law-abiding behavior as well as strict adherence to the standards set out by our Code of Conduct for Contractors and Suppliers.
If there is any indication of misconduct or maladministration in connection with the business activities of Nordex Group, the employees of our business partners can always address their concerns via our whistleblowing system.

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